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Put your Ideas for Mobile Innovation into Action

The Mobile Collective is an ‘idea-to-launch’ services business for the collaborative development of mobile applications, products & services across many industries. (More than just apps – think mHealth applications, SIM-card embedded devices, participatory science & data science, and SMS-based solutions in the developing world).

We specialise in taking a collaborative approach to generating, developing and launching good ideas. At the moment we are client-project focused, but continue to work on our own product ideas in the background, and also design & run collaborative innovation events on behalf of others.

The ThinkCamp series of events bring the mobile developer & designer community together with members of professional communities, such as healthcare; facilitate the sharing of experiences, insights and skills; and provide a structure for developing and acting on the innovative ideas that emerge. Adhoc teams which form around the ideas are supported & nurtured by a wide range of participating technologists, field experts and market channel partners to implement a solution or turn turn the developed proposition into a commercially viable product or service. Our first area of focus is mHealth.

Our vision is to also build an online collaboration community for idea development that provides a supportive process all the way to implementation.  We think that the business model should be a shared stake for all involved.

Our Most Recent Events

Together with the Open Knowledge Foundation, we organised Science Hackday London in March 2013, using a ThinkCamp format, for the Citizen Cyberscience Centre. The Hackday looked at collaborative tools for citizen science. We blogged about it here.

The Citizen Cyberscience Summit from the 16th to the 18th of February 2012 brought together the leading figures in citizen science from academic to developer to volunteer for three days of knowledge sharing, inspiration, and hands-on development.

MC ThinkCamp – mHealth  on the 3rd of June 2011 focused on the opportunities for mobile innovation in the healthcare industry and brought together a good mix of GPs, healthcare practitioners, medical community members, mobile develepors, and technologists.

The Healthcare Innovation Expo 2011 on the 9th & 10th of March 2011 in support of the DotGovLabs Innovation Hub, which we’ve posted about here.

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