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What is the Mobile Collective?

The Mobile Collective is a seedling project exploring alternative business models for nurturing good ideas to market:

  • a peer-review approach to fleshing out ideas
  • a collaborative ‘open innovation’ approach to development
  • community-sourced team mates across a wide range of skill sets
  • revenue-share + IP-share business models, based on contribution
  • market channel + funding partnerships

Our Mission is to put a longer-term process in place that nurtures ideas all the way from collaborative idea-generation – to organic working-group project  – to commercial launch (or implementation in the non-profit sector).

Our Vision for the business is to create an ‘idea-to-launch’ service and online community collaboration platform for the development of mobile applications, products & services across many industries. This event is the first in a series of Mobile Collective events in order to fully test those ideas in practice, and see where such support will add real value.

The basic idea is that the platform to be developed will give developers, designers and innovators an accelerated route to market by bringing together in one place the skills and expertise required to shepherd a mobile opportunity from conception to launch. The underlying business will function as an incubator by providing value-added commercial services, lining up alternate sources of funding, and utilising various routes to market. Virtual project teams will be operated on a revenue-share basis, based on contribution to the project.

We imagine that participants will primarily be mobile developers, web & software developers, designers, marketing and business development specialists, and entrepreneurs – but we will also actively engage with academics (in partnership with Imperial College), domain experts & practitioners (such as doctors and engineers), end-users, and corporations who seek a safe place to innovate.

To put many of these theories and ideas to the test, we are running a number of Innovation Camp events throughout 2011. The first event will be:

mHealth Innovation Camp 2011

To be held in May 2011 (most likely on the 6th and 7th), at the Wallace Space St. Pancras

What is an Innovation Camp? It’s a collaborative approach to generating and supporting ideas that address problems or take advantage of new opportunities, bringing together people from a diverse range of disciplines and skill-sets, and providing a support network for organically formed working groups to get as many good ideas to market as possible.

About Margaret Gold

Margaret is an innovation and business launch specialist in the mobile industry, one of the organisers of Over the Air (the annual mobile developer hack-a-thon event), and the founder of The Mobile Collective.


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