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Front End of Innovation conference

I’m a member of the FEI group on LinkedIn, and really like the format for the upcoming conference:  Are You Nurturing a Strong Culture to Drive Innovation?

A strong corporate culture plays a critical role in fostering innovation – where employees feel valued for their contributions. Global manufacturer W.L. Gore & Associates has earned repeated recognition as a top workplace, largely because of its unique non-hierarchical team-based culture.

Terri Kelly, CEO of W.L. Gore will deliver her keynote on the fostering innovation at FEI 2011: The Front End of Innovation: Nurturing a Strong Culture to Drive Innovation. During this session, she will discuss the role Gore’s culture plays in driving business results. Learn about the company’s core values and business practices and how they help make Gore an innovative leader.

Following Terri’s keynote presentation at the Front End of Innovation 2011, we delve deeper into the topic of “Innovation Culture” in one of our four break-outs:

Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Speed to Market: A New Take on an Old Idea
– Douglas C. Powell, SVP, Customer Experience Team, Wachovia, A Wells Fargo Company
Format=Sandbox (get your hands dirty!)


Freedom to Fail – Even When “Failure is Not an Option”
– Charles Camarda, PhD, Astronaut, Senior Advisor for Innovation, Office of Chief Engineer, Johnson Space Center, NASA

What it Really Takes to Create and Lead a Culture of Innovation: The Role of Leadership and Influence in Gaining Business Ownership for the Innovation Agenda
– Syl Saller, Global Innovation Director, Diageo
Format=Coins (one challege, two solutions!)


Creating Initial Conditions for a Beautiful Corporation
– Bill Witherspoon, CEO, Founder, Lover of Sky, The Sky Factory
Format=Storyteller (narratives you won’t want to miss)


Supporting a Creative Culture: Inspiring Product Development Teams Along the Path to Innovation
– David Yudis, VP, DCP Global Learning and Enterprise Executive Development, The Walt Disney Company
– John Tuders, SVP, Product Development & Innovation, Bank of America
– Steven Goers, VP, Open Innovation & Investments, Kraft Foods
Format=Fishbowl (where attendees become speakers!)

Innovation Culture is just one of themes covered, others include:

Business Model Adjacencies / Needs Based Design / Leadning Great Ideas Forward / Technology, Trends & Society / Experience Driven Innovation / Voice of the Customer / Porfolio Management / Social Media / and Service Innovation

Click here to see the complete brochure: http://bit.ly/hzsYMM

FEI LinkedIn members save 15% off the standard and onsite rate. Mention promotion code: FEI2011LINK5

To register for the best FEI experience yet by phone, call 888-670-8200, or emailregister@iirusa.com, or sign up here: http://bit.ly/hzsYMM


About Margaret Gold

Margaret is an innovation and business launch specialist in the mobile industry, one of the organisers of Over the Air (the annual mobile developer hack-a-thon event), and the founder of The Mobile Collective.


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