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Elevator Pitch

Any one who I’ve been discussing my Mobile Collective ideas with these past few months can tell you just how long-winded my story is. I’m breaking all of my own rules to ‘keep-it-simple’ and ‘say-it-in-one-sentence’!

So it’s about time I started to nail the elevator pitch.

Fleshing out the details on our website has helped, but some recent networking events really got me in the right frame of mind to start bullet pointing it. (With apologies to those I was practicing on!)

Here’s what I’ve got it honed down to so far:

WHAT: We are an idea-to-launch business, that is all about accelerating mobile product & service ideas to market. (An incubator for ideas, if you will).

WHO: We are bringing together professionals in fields such as healthcare with mobile developers & entrepreneurs, to develop and act on ideas and opportunities. We are doing this in partnership with market channel owners to provide a clear commercial path and with mentors to improve commercial viability.

HOW: We take a collaborative partnership approach and play the role of facilitator, match-maker and mentor to a support a community of entrepreneurs, developers and innovators. The model for all participants (including us) is revenue-share or joint-venture with regards to the projects you contribute to and take forward. All IP remains in the hands of the originator(s). We will cover the initial process costs through event sponsorship.

WHY: we think a new ecosystem for collaborative project-based work is required for both the future of work, as well as the future of innovation.

    • Professionals in non-digital industries (such as healthcare) often struggle to formulate a technical solution to the problems they see on the ground, let alone whip up a prototype to garner support.
    • Those with the technical skills don’t often get the chance to hear from those in the field with unique insight into a problem to be solved, the need to be met, or the job to be done.
    • Mobile developers are a particularly entrepreneurial lot who can usually complete the entire development cycle just fine thank-you, but they would benefit from more help in fully developing the commercial side of the proposition and designing and executing the marketing strategy.
    • Too many great mobile product or service ideas are getting boiled down to an App, as the App stores are the only direct-to-consumer channels that are easy to access.
    • Corporates are increasingly buying into the philosophy of Open Innovation, but are struggling to get beyond collaborative projects between their R&D departments and universities to achieve that.
    • The current experiments in crowd-sourcing product development with techies or launching developer competitions are imperfect to say the least, and we think that there is only a year or so of mileage left to them


  • We’re out at the NHS Healthcare Innovation Expo on the 6th & 7th of March in support of the DotGovLabs Innovation Hub, to get to know more healthcare innovators and learn more about specifically supporting mHealth opportunities. We’ll be having some fun facilitating various discussions to the benefit of the latest NHS Healthcare Challenge. Send us a tweet @mobilecollectiv if you’ll be there.
  • We’re organising the mHealth Innovation Camp on the 6th & 7th of May – come out and join us!

    About Margaret Gold

    Margaret is an innovation and business launch specialist in the mobile industry, one of the organisers of Over the Air (the annual mobile developer hack-a-thon event), and the founder of The Mobile Collective.


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