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Summer Internships at the Citizen Cyberlab

Are you looking for summer work experience in Science Communications?

Keen to gain hands-on experience in Citizen Science?

If so, then we have the Internship for you!

The Citizen Cyberlab is an EU-funded project to build tools and platforms for Citizen Science, with Pilot Projects in the fields of Particle Physics, Synthetic Biology, Humanitarian Disaster Mapping, and Extreme Citizen Science. Our partners include LHC@home (CERN), Night Science (University Paris Descartes), ExCiteS (UCL), and Epicollect (ICL).

Over the summer we will be putting on a number of Citizen Science events, in which scientists, developers and citizens get together to turn tomorrow’s science into reality with apps, websites, gadgets and projects.

Summer Interns will work directly with us to:

  1. organise and support the Citizen Science community by developing and managing community websites and MeetUps,
  2. engage with scientists and projects to create outreach & engagement resources and materials,
  3. engage with volunteers and participants through social media platforms and interactive web tools,
  4. help organise Hack Day and ThinkCamp events (including the Student Summer Webfest at CERN!),
  5. and creating and managing online media resources such as the ‘The Citizens of Science’ YouTube Channel.

You will also have the opportunity to:

  1. interview Citizen Science participants & scientists on our YouTube channel,
  2. create blog posts and other community website content,
  3. and even do some hacking yourself.

This is a golden opportunity for anyone interested in Science Outreach and Communications to work directly with leaders and pioneers in the field of Citizen Science.


A small number of internship spaces are available, depending on the quality of the candidates. We will cover your commuting expenses + a weekly stipend + travel to CERN for the Student Summer Webfest. The internship will start at your earliest availability after exams and continue until the new term starts.

For those wishing to continue on a part-time basis, internships throughout the academic year will also be available.

Interested? Give us a shout at info at citizencyberlab dot eu


About Margaret Gold

Margaret is an innovation and business launch specialist in the mobile industry, one of the organisers of Over the Air (the annual mobile developer hack-a-thon event), and the founder of The Mobile Collective.


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