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Margaret is an innovation and business launch specialist in the mobile industry, one of the organisers of Over the Air (the annual mobile developer hack-a-thon event), and the founder of The Mobile Collective.
Margaret Gold has written 23 posts for The Mobile Collective

Summer Internships at the Citizen Cyberlab

Are you looking for summer work experience in Science Communications? Keen to gain hands-on experience in Citizen Science? If so, then we have the Internship for you! The Citizen Cyberlab is an EU-funded project to build tools and platforms for Citizen Science, with Pilot Projects in the fields of Particle Physics, Synthetic Biology, Humanitarian Disaster … Continue reading

Our Innovation Hub sessions at the NHS Expo

On the 9th & 10th of March the Mobile Collective was out at the Healthcare Innovation Expo on behalf of the DotGovLabs Innovation Hub to help them boost awareness for their latest challenge, and to inspire a collaborative approach to innovation as part of the Future Zone programme. The event attracted 10,000+ health and social care commissioners and providers who … Continue reading

Chesbrough on Open Services Innovation

Paul Hobcraft of Agility Innovation Specialists has posted a really useful review of Henry Chesbrough’s Latest book Open Services Innovation on the Innovation Management blog. “Open Services Innovation” The new book asks us to shift our thinking even further away from the R&D labs. The most important aspect of this is the need to rethink … Continue reading

Choosing collaboration partners

  There are some very  interesting conclusions in a 2005 survey about the Ideal Collaborative Team conducted by Mitch Ditkoff and Tim Moore of IdeaChampions, Carolyn Allen of Innovation Solution Center and Dave Pollard of Meeting of Minds. It’s probably not too surprising to learn that most people would rather have inexperiencedpeople with a positive attitude … Continue reading

Elevator Pitch

Any one who I’ve been discussing my Mobile Collective ideas with these past few months can tell you just how long-winded my story is. I’m breaking all of my own rules to ‘keep-it-simple’ and ‘say-it-in-one-sentence’! So it’s about time I started to nail the elevator pitch. Fleshing out the details on our website has helped, … Continue reading

Featured: Muir Gray on ‘What is Helping?’

Muir Gray: What is helping? 25 Feb, 11 | by BMJ Group Raymond Tallis’ excellent Times article on Humanity on 17 February made me reflect on helping, a topic about which I had been forced to rethink by Edgar Schein’s new book on helping. Schein is one of my heroes. His work on organisational culture … Continue reading

Front End of Innovation conference

I’m a member of the FEI group on LinkedIn, and really like the format for the upcoming conference:  Are You Nurturing a Strong Culture to Drive Innovation? A strong corporate culture plays a critical role in fostering innovation – where employees feel valued for their contributions. Global manufacturer W.L. Gore & Associates has earned repeated recognition … Continue reading

The money is in the Execution

Just came across this wonderful list of ideas from the Six Month MBA that are free for the taking – proving that the value is not in generating ideas (they obviously had a lot of fun in coming up with these ones) but in making them happen. Ideas are a dime a dozen. The money … Continue reading

15 Quotes on Collaboration

Mitch Ditkoff has some awesome quotes about collaboration on his Idea Champions blog 1. “It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” – Charles Darwin 2. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller … Continue reading

Seth Godin on successful events

Seth Godin has a really good post on how to focus on what success means at group events: Two paths for successful group events I’m talking about trade shows, SXSW, street marketing… There are two ways to be glad you went: 1. An overwhelming show of force. When you have the biggest booth, when you … Continue reading


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