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Elevator Pitch

Any one who I’ve been discussing my Mobile Collective ideas with these past few months can tell you just how long-winded my story is. I’m breaking all of my own rules to ‘keep-it-simple’ and ‘say-it-in-one-sentence’! So it’s about time I started to nail the elevator pitch. Fleshing out the details on our website has helped, … Continue reading

The Art of the Mantra

I’m watching a video of Guy Kawasaki presenting the Art of the Start at the University of Edinburgh ( in a barely populated room – what gives?) and he’s making some really good points about creating a Mantra, not a Mission Statement. Complete with references to the Dilbert Mission Statement Generator. It’s getting me thinking … Continue reading

Our Hypotheses

1. Just because you have a great idea, doesn’t mean you have all the skills needed to take it to market. Marketable mobile applications & services require a broad range of skills, disadvantaging the smaller entrepreneurs & inventors who currently drive mobile innovation. Mobile developers are a practical bunch, but typically lack the marketing & … Continue reading

What is the Mobile Collective?

The Mobile Collective is a seedling project exploring alternative business models for nurturing good ideas to market: a peer-review approach to fleshing out ideas a collaborative ‘open innovation’ approach to development community-sourced team mates across a wide range of skill sets revenue-share + IP-share business models, based on contribution market channel + funding partnerships Our … Continue reading


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