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Summer Internships at the Citizen Cyberlab

Are you looking for summer work experience in Science Communications? Keen to gain hands-on experience in Citizen Science? If so, then we have the Internship for you! The Citizen Cyberlab is an EU-funded project to build tools and platforms for Citizen Science, with Pilot Projects in the fields of Particle Physics, Synthetic Biology, Humanitarian Disaster … Continue reading

Featured: Muir Gray on ‘What is Helping?’

Muir Gray: What is helping? 25 Feb, 11 | by BMJ Group Raymond Tallis’ excellent Times article on Humanity on 17 February made me reflect on helping, a topic about which I had been forced to rethink by Edgar Schein’s new book on helping. Schein is one of my heroes. His work on organisational culture … Continue reading

Seth Godin on successful events

Seth Godin has a really good post on how to focus on what success means at group events: Two paths for successful group events I’m talking about trade shows, SXSW, street marketing… There are two ways to be glad you went: 1. An overwhelming show of force. When you have the biggest booth, when you … Continue reading

The Business of Personal Data

Experientia’s Putting People First blog has picked up on an interesting report about the commercialisation of Personal Data: The World Economic Forum just came out with a report, “Personal Data: The Emergence of a New Asset Class,” that surely is going to raise some controversy, as it explores what it means to commercialise personal data … Continue reading

Research on the importance of collaborative user innovation

The experience design company Experientia commented on this interesting NYT article in their Putting People First newsletter: New research suggests the traditional division of labor between innovators and customers is breaking down as more individual consumers invent and improve products on their own. Patricia Cohen reports in The New York Times: “Tinkering is challenging a … Continue reading

The 5 Myths of Innovation

Our friends over at Market Gravity have written a really nice synopsis of an article recently written by Julian Birkinshaw in the MIT Sloan Management Review: Innovation has moved from its origins in the depths of R&D departments to permeate all aspects of the organisation itself, from products & services to business models, channels and … Continue reading

Nancy Lubin’s Event check-list

Fast Company has a great article from Nancy Lubin on how to select which events are worth your time, and which are time-wasters. Quite a nice check-list for organisers as well 😉 Travel-Worthy or Time Waster? Take Nancy’s Quiz Before Attending Your Next Conference. 1. People. The conference is: a) invite-only b) open to anyone, … Continue reading

Programmers aren’t a Commodity

On his Knowing and Doing blog, Eugene Wallingford of the University of Northern Iowa makes some nice points about the value of idea PLUS execution: As I wrote about at greater length in a recent entry, the value of a product comes from the combination of having an idea and executing the idea. Doing the former or having … Continue reading

The potential in mHealth

GSMA, Alex Sinclair CTO – “The global potential for connected devices is huge – it’s more than just mobile phones and laptop PCs. It can be anything that has a mobile connection embedded in it such as a camera, a music player, a car, a smart meter or a health monitor…we expect to see up … Continue reading


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